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Wine Regions


Alsace is situated North East of France bordered on the West by the Vosges and on the East by the Rhine which separates it from Germany. Alsace is a beautiful region with green hills and medieval villages and the Alsace wine road is one of the most beautiful wine sceneries in the world!

Alsace is 190km long and 50km wide and is the smallest region in France but with its semi-continental, hot summers and cold winters and frequent snowfall it is home to fantastic refreshing dry and sweet white wine such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Tokay Pinot Gris.


The wine region starts around 120 kilometres from Paris and borders the city of Meaux as it stretches along the Marne River to the city of Epernay. The beautiful city of Champagne is located along the Marne, Vesle and Aisne rivers. In the heartland of the Champagne region the weather is quite special.

In winter it’s cool and in summer and fall its sunny and with an average temperature in the region of around 11 to 12 C. The grapes in Champagne benefit from a lot of light, the chalky soil reflects the sunlight into the grapes making it a recipe for an excellent quality wine productio


The Loire Valley is probably the most beautiful wine region in France and in the world. From the Massif Central to the Atlantic coast around Nantes, The Loire wine region follows the Loire River in its valley.

The Loire Valley is also famous for its fruity and pleasant white wines from Dry white, Semi-dry to sparkling white wine. The valley also produces varietal grapes to produce a pleasant Fruity red and Rosé wine.


Located on the last meanders of the Garonne River, by the largest estuary in Europe, Bordeaux lies in the heart of a contrasted territory alternating vineyards, forests, mountains and blessed with an entirely preserved seaside.

As soon as you mention Bordeaux you will spark thoughts all around the world of good wine, the most visited Bordeaux wines are Saint Emilion, Médoc and Margaux. There’s no better way to enjoy a fantastic wine than with a classic Bordeaux experience.

Saturday morning is spent slurping oysters and white wine from one of the seafood stands to be found at Marché des Capucins. With a fine blend of splendid architectural features, cultural influence, vineyards of worldwide fame, quality gastronomy and mild weather as well as an exciting and unique lifestyle, around 3 million visitors every year get to experience it all for themselves.

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