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Good things come in small packages springs to mind when introducing sun kissed Greece. In fact, this tiny jewel in the Mediterranean has so many facets to its holiday experiences you will find it difficult to resist its siren call.So slap on your shorts or slip on a cool white cotton dress and prepare to encounter the white washed cubist Hellenic Republic.

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What you will need to know first is that this small turquoise paradise is divided into the following 12 regions:These 12 regions are so layered with rich experience that you will be spoilt for choices. As most visitors begin their idyllic get away at Venizelos Airport, Athens will most likely be your first experience of Greece

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Northern Greece, or Voreia Ellada (Greek: Βόρεια Ελλάδα), stretches from the Ionian coast, across the Epiros mountains, through Macedonia, across Thrace and on to Turkey. The main provinces are Macedonia and Thrace, which have been part of Greece for just 100 years (Macedonia was surrendered by Turkey in 1913, while sovereignty of Thrace was confirmed in 1923). This makes these two regions in particular stand apart from the rest of Greece, with different customs and scenery on offer.

Northern Greece is a place of mixed heritage, with some of the world’s most spectacular churches, castles, monasteries, museums and towers.



The Southern region of Greece, also known as Peloponnese, is not only beautiful, but also rich in culture and history. Technically an island, Peloponnese is teaming with ancient sites, Greek theatres, medieval remains, battle towers, well preserved Byzantine enclaves, and much more. The beaches are among the finest in the country, while the forests, mountains, valleys and gorges are breathtaking.

If you’re going to Greece, this is where you will find everything Greek, including the friendly locals!

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