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Portugal has to be the perfect holiday destination all year round with its mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kms of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Steeped in history, its’ exceptional range of different landscapes provide you with incredible photograph opportunities, numerous leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage where tradition meets with modernity in perfect harmony.

Cuisine, fine wines and hospitable people make Portugal a tourist paradise of the highest quality. Situated in the extreme south-west of Europe, just a few hours from any of the other European capitals, Portugal waits for you to discover its charm and bea



Sometimes you don’t have a lot of for your holiday in Portugal. Even though Portugal is a small country, rushing from one end to the other can leave you feeling like you never really got to know the people and their culture. So its best to concentrate on the sights, sounds and tastes of northern Portugal. The northern part of Portugal has mountains for hiking, historic medieval cities to explore, beaches to walk upon and wines to taste.

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Portugal’s Centro region is massive and takes in a whole spectrum of landscapes and cultural nuances. The amount of things to see is far too long to list here, but is very diverse, counting several World Heritage Sites and many fortified towns.

Don’t pass through the Centro region without seeing the royal monasteries at Batalha and Alcobaça, or the historic university buildings in Coimbra. Surfers will surely know all about Nazaré and its record-breaking waves. But did you know that there’s snow in winter, at Serra da Estrela in the east of the region?



With its gorgeous beaches and warm, sunny weather, the Algarve is Portugal’s most popular holiday destinations. From bustling seaside resorts teeming with activity to secluded stretches of sand perfect for relaxation, the southernmost region of Portugal is an ideal spot for anyone planning a beach vacation. With their whitewashed buildings and quaint old-town districts, Algarve’s inland villages are captivating places to visit as well.



  • Tram 28

  • Lisbon Funiculars

  • Discoveries Monument

  • Sao Roque Church

  • Cathedral and the Church of São Francisco, 

  • Casa da Música and the Serralves Museum. 

  • School of Architecture Central Portugal

  • The Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha

  • The Convent of Christ in Tomar and Coimbra University

  • Health and Well-being 

  • Surfing 

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