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The popularity of Naples as a tourist destination continues to increase each year, particularly for those interested in the arts, and the city itself is filled with beautiful buildings, castles and ancient fortresses, including New Castle, Ovo Castle, Sant'Almo Castle and the Royal Palace. The city’s historic centre is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Naples is known for its high quality culinary delights, so be sure to enjoy the local flavours of Italy’s best pizza, pasta, coffee and sweet treats. 


Don’t miss exploring the Ancient Town Centre and Decumans, Cemetery of the Fontanelle, Via Tribunali, the Pausylipon Archeological Site and the Seiano Grotto, the Neapolitan Crypt, the Cave of Seiano and the Nature Reserve of the State "Astroni".


Positano is located on the Amalfi Coast and is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. It is known as one of Italy’s most romantic vacation spots and is built on a vertical cliff. Once a small fishing village, today it is a charming resort town and is a fantastic base for those wishing to explore the coastline with boat excursions, driving and archeological tours.


Swim in the beautiful blue waters, enjoy a feast of local fresh seafood, take a walk and do some shopping along Via Cristoforo Colombo, and take a trip to Grotta la Porta cave where prehistoric remains have been discovered.


Sicily is separated from Italy by the Strait of Messina and is surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas. The locals are proud of their heritage and culture and tourists flock here every year to experience the lifestyle, to laze about on the beaches, to see the best-preserved Greek ruins which cover the island, and to explore Mount Etna.

There are a number of large cities on Sicily which are popular with tourists, but smaller towns also have a unique charm and are well worth the visit. Palermo is the capital, while Catania is close to Mount Etna and home to both Greek and Roman ruins. The best ruins are at Siracusa, and Agrigento also houses ruins including the Valley of Temples.


Sicily has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Ragusa and Modica, 2 of 8 cities in the Val di Noto on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list; the Archaeological Area of Agrigento, an ancient city; Villa Romana del Casale, a Roman villa; and The Aeolian Islands, all of which are of volcanic origins. 

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