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France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. From the beautiful capital of Paris, to the coasts of Brittany, the bays of Corsica to the limestone hills of Provence and the peaks of the French Alps – France has everything.You will find 37 sites in UNESCO's World Heritage List, beautiful beaches and seaside resorts, ski slopes and accommodation, wine regions, lavender farms, picturesque French villages, and so much more. 

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For hundreds of years, France basked in the reputation of being the world's greatest producer of wines. Since the low of 2003, the French wine industry has been trying to reinvent itself, producing new wines for a changing world and European market, while continuing to provide the world's greatest wines, produced on estates with perfect conditions and centuries of winegrowing tradition



Northern France has a lot to offer us when we visit! From many thousands of years of history to beautiful castles and enough delicious food to fill your tummy every waking minute – there are so many amazing places to explore and discover on your trip!



The heartland of France's medieval magnificence, the centre of the country is blessed with an abundance of cultural artefacts and sites of historical importance. But it's also an area of unspoiled natural beauty that has lived cheek by jowl with its famous viniculture and striking contemporary culture. Here are the six perfect places to start your journeys of discovery.



Doesn’t matter if you’ve been before or if you’re a first-timer – the South of France is one place that’s guaranteed to be an easy yes when it comes to deciding where to holiday. The beautiful beaches, amazing food and plethora of cute little French villages to pop into only serve to add more to the appeal of this sunny part of France.

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