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Castles, World War II, the Berlin Wall, football and beer – these are just a few of the things that Germany is best known around the world for.

If you’re visiting in winter, there are some fantastic ski resorts in the Alps and the Central Uplands where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding and cross country skiing. In summer, the options are endless.

The most visited tourist regions are the East Frisian and North Frisian Islands, the Baltic Sea coasts, Rhine Valley, Bavarian and Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps; and the entire country is filled with fantastic self-drive or tour routes, taking you along trails like the German Wine Route, Black Forest High Road, Industrial Heritage Trail and the German Clock Road.

Germany is one of the most visited countries on the planet, and when you begin to explore the history, architecture and the culture – it’s easy to see why.

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Northern Germany boasts an array of lesser-known destinations like the port city of Lübeck, the bustling city of Hamburg and the Gothic city of Stralsund. Enjoy your time in Deutschland by exploring these fantastic and unforgettable destinations in Northern Germany.

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Central Germany is home to one of Europe’s busiest airports — the Frankfurt International Airport. Most people arriving here enjoy the city’s bustling international vibe. A major industrial and commercial center, Frankfurt is a good place to shop and enjoy some modern European culture.



Southern Germany is a fascinating mishmash of merry folk festivals, fairy-tale towns untouched by time, stunning futuristic cities, quintessential German medieval towns, glitzy ski resorts, a string of castles, and endless history and culture. It is surrounded by the majestic Bavarian Alps and dotted with crystal-clear alpine lakes, making it one of the most stunning regions in the country.



  • Heidelberg Castle

  • Neuschwanstein Castle a.k.a. Swan Castle

  • Herrenchiemsee Castle

  • Eltz Castle

  • Wartburg Castle

  • Marksburg Castle

  • Cochem Castle

  • Frankenstein Castle

  • Braunfels Castle

  • Burghausen Castle

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