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The northern region of Italy is known locally as Il Nord or Settentrione and consists of eight separate regions – Peidmont, Liguria, Aosta Valley, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto. In terms of population, this region of Italy has an estimated population of at least 27.2 million inhabitant.

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Think of all that you love about Italy and you'll find it in this central region of the country. Once you've wandered round Rome and its ancient treasures and packed streets, head out to Umbria to explore the medieval towns of Perugia and Assisi. Orvieto is a lovely town, dramatically perched on a rocky precipice and the ideal spot to drink the famously crisp white wine. 



If you’re hankering for a little bit of sunshine and that gorgeous Italian charm, then you’ve gotta visit some of the beautiful towns in Southern Italy. The south of Italy is known in Italian as the ‘Mezzogiorno’ or ‘Midday’ region and has some of the oldest and most important historical towns in Italy as well as some of the most epic beaches (that’s perfect for a chillout day).

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